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Icom UC-FR5000

UC FR5000 top


IDAS Trunking/Network Controller Board
The UC-FR5000 IDAS digital trunking and network controller board adds digital trunking features and IP repeater control capabilities to the digital IDAS network. This new board can work with the IC-FR5100/FR6100 IDAS repeater series, the IC-F3162 handheld series and the IC-F5062 mobile series.

Distributed control channel
The IDAS trunking system is a distributed system, which does not use a dedicated control channel. The IDAS trunking services on any requested channel, and every channel can be used for voice communications, while the repeater is not required to transmit a control signal continuously.

Up to 30 repeaters in a system
The IDAS Trunking system can have up to 30 repeaters (RF units) per site interconnected with a data bus* (Category 5 straight cable). All of the connected repeaters can be configured from a web-based interface.

*Cannot be used for multi-site connection at this time.

Number of unit ID and talkgroup ID
Each subscriber unit on an IDAS trunking system must be registered to one of the repeaters designated as a home channel and given a unit ID code or talkgroup ID code. The combination of home repeater and identification codes is used as a unique identifier. The IDAS trunking system has a potential ability to handle up to 2,000 unit ID codes and 2,000 talkgroup ID codes per system.

Secondary home channel
If the home repeater fails, the system automatically switches to a secondary repeater/channel for backup operation.

Area bit setting
If there are two IDAS trunk systems using the same frequency within a close area, the area bit setting allows the subscriber unit to identify its own repeater site.

Other functions

  • Status call/request
  • Radio check
  • Call alert
  • Remote radio stun/kill/revive
  • Emergency call/Priority call
  • Call log

Remote radio monitor...Remotely turns on the PTT and transmits anything the microphone hears for a preprogrammed time period, if in an emergency situation
GPS position data...Send and receive GPS position information data with status message
Short Data Message...Send and receive up to a 12-character short data message

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