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SFE S555

S555 01Description

Designed with small and medium-sized warehousing, agriculture, security, light industry and services customers in mind, the sixteen channel SFE S555 requires minimal training and keeps team members in touch without distracting them with complicated features.

Easy to Use
Using the SFE S555 is second nature thanks to the tough and textured buttons, chunky rotary channel, volume knobs and tricolour status LED. In addition, two programmable buttons can be set to give immediate access to the four most often used features, making communication even simpler.

Keep in Touch
The SFE S555 has a high/low power setting that allows users to extend battery life for up to 15 hours 2 from a single battery charge. This can be done by switching to low power when the user is in close proximity to other users, as the range is reduced and less power is required. Avoid missed messages with the built-in ‘scan’ function that searches all channels for activity.

Quality Audio
Benefiting from SFE market-leading experience in designing and manufacturing two-way radio, the SFE S555 provides excellent audio quality thanks to the large speaker and microphone.


Compact & Fashionable Design
Power Output: 5W
Compact and Fashionable Design
Double Color Injection Technology
Built-in Large Scale Integrated Circuit
High Audio Output, Superb Clear Audio Quality
16 Channels
Power Output 5W
Built in CTCSS and DCS
PC Programming
Auto Battery Save
Emergency Alert
Voice Guide
VOX Function
Time Out Time(TOT)
Busy Channel Lockout
High/low Power Selective
Auto-scan and Priority Scan
Large Li-lon Battery 1300mAh
Built-in Large Scale Integrated Circuit
Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selective
Superb Clear and Strong Audio Quality

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